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On window panes, the icy frost
leaves feathered patterns, crissed & crossed.
But in our house the Christmas Tree
is decorated festively
with tiny dots of colored light
that cozy up this winter night.
Christmas songs, familiar, slow,
play softly on the radio.
Pops and hisses from the fire
whistle with the bells and choir.
My tiger is now fast asleep
on his back and dreaming deep.
When the fire makes him hot,
he turns to warm whatever’s not.
Propped against him on the rug,
I give my friend a gentle hug.
Tomorrow’s what I’m waiting for,
But I can wait a little more.

Christmas Eve


For the next few days (until the end of December), I will continue on posting Calvin and Hobbes Christmas comic strips. Enjoy! ^_^

(Click on image to see a larger picture)

(Click on image to see a larger picture)


This the first entry of the blog All About Calvin And Hobbes. The blog is basically about Calvin & Hobbes and everyday, I’ll be sharing some comic strips for you to read. I apologize in advance if there will be times that the pictures are kinda big and takes a long time to load. ^_^

To start off, since it is Christmas Season, here some Calvin & Hobbes Christmas comic strips. Enjoy!

It’s A Magical World
It’s A Magical World
(Click on the image to see a larger picture)

Calvin And Hobbes Christmas
Calvin and Hobbes
(Click on the image to see a larger picture)

All About Calvin & Hobbes